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GCAi Dodges Raindrops to Help Westmass Launch New Digital Presence

SPRINGFIELD — Generally, unless there’s a power outage, the weather does not impact digital production. But this year, all the rules were thrown out the window. While snowflakes were still flying during GCAi’s planning phase for the new Westmass Area Development Corp. website, it was both the heat and wet weather that proved to be challenging while capturing the high-quality visuals that the project required.

The critical component of the project was Westmass’ expansion of its traditional development role. The method to achieve success would be to get that expansion documented through not only text, but video interviews, high-quality images of past and current projects, and even drone video, scheduled carefully to miss the aforementioned raindrops.

“For decades, Westmass has sought to benefit the communities and residents in our region through the development of business and industrial parks,” said Jeff Daley, president and CEO of Westmass. “Today, it is our continued goal to help provide communities and private developers with the tools and resources they need to do smart development. The new website allows us to showcase the exciting projects Westmass is undertaking, as well as promote our efforts to advance real-estate and economic-development opportunities throughout Western Massachusetts for years to come.”

News of the ongoing production leaked before the launch, and what Westmass was up to, as well as some of the businesses and projects impacted by its work, could not be contained. The GCAi Digital PR team helped coordinate coverage, which resulted in the article “Westmass Strives to Become a More Impactful Force in Economic Development” in BusinessWest.

GCAi has now turned the keys to the new website over to the Westmass team, who continue to make updates and add content from their new offices in Monarch Place, adjacent to GCAi’s new perch in Tower Square.