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JGS Lifecare Kicks Off ‘Superheroes Saving Lives’ Campaign

LONGMEADOW — JGS Lifecare recently unveiled its new “Superheroes Saving Lives” campaign. Geared to its dedicated frontline staff, the lighthearted campaign focuses upon serious subjects: thanking employees for adhering to proper infection-control protocols as well as conveying the importance of taking the coronavirus vaccine.

Created in English and Spanish, the three-month campaign features videos from Ruth’s House Assisted Living Residence and Leavitt Family Jewish Home residents, who thank the staff for their heroic efforts in keeping them safe during the pandemic. The videos span the gamut from humorous to serious to emotional. Additionally, staff also encouraged their own family members to record videos showing how important it is for individuals to follow safety guidelines and proper hygiene protocols.

“We have faced many challenging and unprecedented situations since the beginning of the pandemic,” said Rob Whitten, executive director of JGS Lifecare’s Leavitt Family Jewish Home. “Our staff has been extraordinary the entire time. I am incredibly grateful for their resilience, dedication, and cooperation in keeping our residents safe and healthy. This campaign is our way of thanking our employees and letting them know how much we appreciate their efforts. We’re also hoping it instills a little bit of humor into our daily routine.”

The campaign slogan — “Not all superheroes wear capes. At JGS Lifecare, we wear masks,” — emphasizes the fact that healthcare workers have emerged as real-life superheroes, risking their own health every day to protect the lives of residents. Components of the campaign include superhero buttons, care packages, T-shirts, candy, and capes. Employees are encouraged to take the JGS Lifecare Superhero pledge, in which they promise to “keep myself, my co-workers, my residents, and my community safe by following safety practices at work, at home, and in my community.”