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Veterans at Corps Logistics Build and Maintain ValleyBike Share System

SPRINGFIELD — As ValleyBike Share started taking shape in several municipalities in the Pioneer Valley this year, veteran-owned and operated service contractor Corps Logistics was tasked with building and maintaining the 48 stations and more than 200 bikes.

Corps Logistics provides a military-grade approach to bike-share system implementation and operations. It works to find talented veterans that care about their community and the mission at hand. Many of its veteran employees come home with physical and emotional limitations, and Corps Logistics offers them the opportunity to continue the utilization of their talents and skills to better the lives of the community around them.

“Corps Logistics is proud to have a team comprised of qualified veterans, people who have gained unparalleled experience while serving the United States of America,” CEO Jim Duffney said. “The veteran employees do not simply apply their military experience to provide exceptional service, but they do this with a level of conviction and efficiency that can only be mastered through military training. I deeply love all my veteran brothers and sisters that make this team so strong.”

Launched this past June, the ValleyBike Share system offers electric-assist bicycles to users. The service is available 24/7 and is ideal for errands, commuting, or recreation.