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Visiting Angels of West Springfield Names Alissia Prefontaine Caregiver of the Month

WEST SPRINGFIELD — Visiting Angels of West Springfield announced that Alissia Prefontaine was named Caregiver of the Month for March. She has been with Visiting Angels since November 2015 and has had more than 30 clients in that time.

As the agency notes, “Ali is a very warm individual and takes her time with each of her clients to make sure they have whatever they need. She has a gentle personality that allows her to get along with each and every client.

“Ali specializes in committing to many small cases, meaning that she must form a personal bond with a wide number of clients and quickly adjust to each individual situation. She is always willing to help pick up shifts and new clients; as a result, she has dealt with a wide variety of situations and always knows exactly what to do in order to best assist her client. Whether caring for clients with dementia, on hospice care, or simply providing companionship, Ali is warmhearted and caring. For example, Ali once had a client she was very attached to. When this individual unfortunately passed away, Ali was there to support the husband as well as each and every grieving family member.

“We are so thankful at Visiting Angels for Ali, who has truly displayed her dedication and true passion as a caregiver. She is always able to help and care for those who can’t do so themselves. Her quality of care and commitment to her clients is why she has been named Caregiver of the Month.”