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Western New England University Offers Free Graduate Courses to Current Students

SPRINGFIELD — Western New England University announced that all current students (class of 2021 to class of 2024) will be offered two graduate courses free of charge with acceptance to a WNEU master’s-degree program upon completion of their bachelor’s degree.

“As our undergraduates consider next steps, especially with the current economic climate, we want to help provide them with the opportunity to advance their credentials in what could prove to be a difficult time as the nation returns to post-COVID normalcy,” said Matt Fox, executive director of Graduate Admissions.

According to the NACE Job Outlook Survey, 2021 hiring will be “more positive than expected given that the pandemic shut down the economy, plummeted the stock market, and raised the unemployment rate.” Nearly 17% of organizations responding to the NACE survey plan to increase their hiring levels of 2021 graduates, compared to 2020 graduates, and about 53% plan to maintain their level of hiring.

Andrea St. James, assistant dean of the Delbridge Career Center at WNEU, is encouraged by this report. “It is important for students to stay focused on the job-search process and to make connections,” she said. “By utilizing this time and taking advantage of this opportunity, it increases your value in the marketplace. It demonstrates a commitment to continuous and active learning. This is one of the most important qualities employers look for when hiring. The sooner you begin your degree, the sooner you will finish. It makes perfect sense.”

Fox outlined the many benefits this opportunity offers, including improving employment and future advancement opportunities, deferred undergraduate loan payment, and what essentially equates to a 20% reduction in graduate tuition.

“Online course offerings allow for flexibility and the ability to advance your education from anywhere,” she noted. “Students can launch their careers while beginning their graduate degrees. This new initiative is our way of taking some of the financial pressure off students and help them do that, especially in light of current external circumstances.”

For more information, visit www1.wne.edu/admissions/graduate/two-grad-courses.cfm.