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6 Bricks, LLC Receives State Provisional License to Advance Cannabis Dispensary

SPRINGFIELD — 6 Bricks, LLC was chosen to receive a state provisional license from the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission. Last year, the city of Springfield awarded 6 Bricks one of just four licenses to operate a cannabis dispensary in the city.

For more than a year before the award by Springfield, 6 Bricks had been preparing for the city application process, engaging and working with architects, industry and profession experts, security professionals, and others as to how best to propose a community-oriented facility and operation that would include and benefit the city and surrounding neighborhood community.

6 Bricks incurred substantial expense and invested significant time securing data and planning strategies to put forth a winning application to the city and the state, including hiring and working with engineering firm Vanhasse Hangen Bustin Inc. to produce traffic and other studies. 6 Bricks worked extensively with former Springfield Police Officer John Delaney on a security plan for operation; he assembled a team of former law-enforcement professionals who have advised the project from the idea stages to the present.

Achieving provisional-license status means 6 Bricks, LLC has moved one step closer to being able to open a facility on Springfield. Of the four Springfield applicants, 6 Bricks is the first to be awarded this status.

“I and my family are so appreciative of the state and Springfield’s recognition of our hard work, of our plans, and positive community impact in the awarding of these necessary licenses to move forward,” said Payton Shubrick, CEO of 6 Bricks. “We are so appreciative of the transparent and in-depth process by which Springfield Mayor [Domenic] Sarno’s Cannabis Committee, the city’s Law Department, and Procurement Offices executed, which allowed us a very even, competitive field that allowed us to present a true minority-owned effort.”

Shubrick noted that the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the cannabis industry.

“We are continuing to review our plans as to how to best serve the customers who need the product we will offer as a healing and therapeutic addition to their health and well-being regimens,” she noted. “We will be making some changes in our plans that will take into account these new challenges that must include curbside-pickup per the state and what an in-store experience may actually have to be in keeping with local, state, and federal health regulations for the future.”