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AIC Graduate Strength and Conditioning Program Receives National Recognition

SPRINGFIELD — The Division of Exercise Science at American International College (AIC) announced that its Graduate Strength and Conditioning Program has been approved for continued recognition through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Education Recognition Program (ERP). The recognition renewal period is three years, lasting through Sept. 20, 2025.

Recognition through the ERP demonstrates that the AIC Graduate Strength and Conditioning Program meets the requirements to prepare students for the NSCA-CPT and CSCS certifications and is committed to quality.

“This accomplishment exemplifies all the hard work and dedication our faculty provides to students to set them apart from other students entering the field as young professionals,” said AIC Division of Exercise Science Director Susan Lachowski, adding that “this recognition also enhances our visibility and credibility within the field on a national level.”

The NSCA recognizes exemplary programs that provide the best education to students looking to become leaders within the field of strength and conditioning. “We look forward to this partnership while providing a proven network of professional support for students as they embark on their careers in the strength and conditioning industry,” Lachowski said. “We believe the NSCA is a valuable asset, and NSCA program recognition underscores our commitment to the strength and conditioning profession we serve.”