Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of October 2021. (Filings are limited due to closures or reduced staffing hours at municipal offices due to COVID-19 restrictions).


4 Perkins LLC
165 Front St.
$25,000 — Verizon Wireless to install three antennas, remove 12 remote radio heads, install six remote radio heads, and install three diplexers on smokestack

Eileen Pare, Patricia Biela
803 James St.
$12,499 — Roofing at Sentry Uniforms

Orlando Roberts
66 Cabot St.
$5,000 — Add two bathrooms, close portion of wall, add handicap ramp to rear of building

WSP Realty LLC
136 Exchange St.
$20,999 — Roofing


Brittom LLC
287 Russell St.
N/A — Remove non-load-bearing walls

Building Grounds LLC
97 Russell St.
N/A— Demolish three-bay garage, including slab and foundation


Michael Considine, Shawn Leary
47 Main St.
$5,000 — Insulation


17 Main Cottage LLC
17 Main St.
$40,000 — Roofing

Housatonic Hotel LLC
194 Pittsfield Road
$2,035,000 — Renovate existing motel and construct new gatehouse addition

Michael Tahaney
260 Pittsfield Road, C15
$5,500 — Remodel bathroom

Valmet Inc.
175 Crystal St.
$60,000 — Remodel men’s bathroom


BFS Retail and Commercial Operations LLC
174 South St.
$2,000 — Place storage-container unit as accessory structure

Jimmy Chassi
86 Maplewood Ave.
$15,000 — Roofing

City of Pittsfield
70 Allen St.
$4,000 — Install walls, suspended ceiling, and vinyl flooring

City of Pittsfield
874 North St.
$245,800 — Roofing

Clock Tower Partners LLC
75 South Church St.
$3,800 — Remove salad bar in café, reconfigure café equipment, install wall to house electrical and plumbing

The Cooper Center LLC
116 North St.
$1,000 — Demolish and remove brick arch

David and Todd Realty LLC
1571 East St.
$59,000 — Roofing

Egos Realty Partners LLP
740 Williams St.
$25,550 — Install fire sprinkler protection

Lisa Houghtling
219 Robbins Ave.
$54,606 — Front-porch repairs, new exit on ground floor

Pitex LP
609 Merrill Road
$35,000 — Repair work

Premium Water Inc.
1505 West Housatonic St.
$5,456 — Add four upright sprinklers

Premium Water Inc.
1505 West Housatonic St.
$3,334 — Add four upright sprinklers

Roytay LLC
124 East Housatonic St.
$12,000 — Roofing

WDM Properties LLC
231 Tyler St., #1
$25,000 — Demolish two-story back section


Baystate Plumbing & Heating
15 Mill St.
$14,000 — Insulation

Colvest/Columbus Spfld LLC
1254 East Columbus Ave.
$700,000 — Alter interior space, including drive-up service at Burger King

DDM Property Group LLC
1635 Page Blvd.
$10,000 — Remodel office space for new bathroom, storage room, and closet; install new stairs to office

FM Holdings LLC
1125 Page Blvd.
$325,000 — Enlarge overhead door opening in warehouse building and install new overhead door, install retaining wall for new drive-up ramp to opening

Frank Langone, Irma Langone
838 Main St.
$16,000 — Replace broken rafters in flat-roof wood-framing system at Langone Florist

Mittas Hospitality LLC, DD Development LLC, Rudra Realty LLC, Fred Christensen
1500 Main St.
$395,000 — Repair and upgrade stucco on exterior of Tower Square Hotel and garage

Modern Bridal Boutique Inc.
536 Main St.
$14,525 — Remodel interior to be a church, install LVL beam

Neslo Realty Co.
235 Cadwell Dr.
$9,000 — Interior demolition for future tenant fit-out

Springfield Cemetery
171 Maple St.
$20,000 — Install foundation for future addition to Dorcas Chapin Chapel and crematory building for new crematory units