Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the months of October and November 2021. (Filings are limited due to closures or reduced staffing hours at municipal offices due to COVID-19 restrictions).


Arc Fevpema001 LLC
140 Lonczak Dr.
$22,375 — Install new dry-pipe system for new loading-dock canopy

Chicopee Provision Co.
19 Sitarz Ave.
$27,590 — Remove and replace ceiling tiles and grid, install temporary partition and door

Michael Chojnowski
705 Chicopee St.
$10,000 — Siding and closing up doors

Crown Castle
31 Jamrog Dr.
$50,000 — Replace six antennas, add three antennas, and upgrade equipment at existing wireless facility

Brian LaPointe
219 School St.
$17,500 — Remove and replace structural elements to restore front-porch structure to original appearance

Main Street Property
340 McKinstry Ave.
$287,000 — Verizon Wireless to install wireless communication antennas and supporting equipment on existing silo

She’s Your Queen to Be LLC
56 Grove St.
$225,715 — Roofing


Pyramid Mall of Hadley Newco LLC
367 Russell St.
Install additional fire-alarm devices to system


Berkshire Corporate Realty LLC
480 Pleasant St.
$200,000 — Convert existing informal office space into open office space, private offices, and conference room


17 Main Cottage LLC
17 Main St.
$177,000 — Renovate several interior rooms

Suzanne Marcene Andeway
212 Main St.
$215,000 — Change entire structure from mixed-use to residential

Lenox Collection LLC
11 Old Stockbridge Road
$25,000 — Reconfigure and remodel ground-floor area, allowing for guest rooms in the owner’s quarters, including one ADA-compliant guest room

Austin Randy
72 Church St.
$8,000 — Roofing


11 Orchard St. LLC
11 Orchard St.
$96,000 — Add second floor

320 Riverside LLC
80 Damon Road, #8205
$20,000 — Repair after fire

7Q59 Amherst LLC
23 Eastern Ave.
$14,400 — Kitchen and bath renovation

All North LLC
21 North Main St.
$6,700 — Repair porch

City of Northampton
56 Vernon St.
$198,948 — Replacement windows at Vernon Street School

Global Tower Assets LLC
0 Haydenville Road
$35,000 — Install antennas

Matt & Nick LLC
199 Pine St.
$4,866 — Modify solar array

Nonotuck Community School Inc.
221 Riverside Dr.
$59,642 — Roofing

Oxbow Professional Park LLC
22 Atwood Dr.
$70,000 — Install antennas


Morningside Baptist Church
475 Tyler St.
$1,000 — Install fire-suppression system in commercial kitchen exhaust hood

Ranchodji Inc.
16 Cheshire Road
$48,000 — Roofing


Bear Rock Properties
247 Union St.
$24,000 — Roofing

Natha Brown
161 Hancock St.
$9,800 — Roofing

Center Square Inc.
1441 Main St.
$14,440 — Interior demolition of partition walls and ceiling on fifth floor for new tenant fit-out

Financial Plaza Trust
1350 Main St.
$36,000 — Convert interior space on 11th floor into new offices

Ryan Foi
222 Cadwell Dr.
$204,970 — Roofing at Hale Trailer Brake and Wheel Inc.

1365 Main St.
$2,000 — Remove non-load-bearing partition wall in after-school program office

Neslo Realty Co.
245 Cadwell Dr.
$519,027 — Renovate office and warehouse space for new Goodwill office

Malave Rafaela
37 Jefferson Ave.
$15,000 — Weatherization and air sealing

Titeflex Corp.
603 Hendee St.
$16,810 — Roofing