Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of September 2023.


Alden Edge LLC
510 McKinstry Ave.
$41,499 — Roofing


Julia Gawle
90-106 Union St.
$49,610 — Remodel store due to water damage, replace all electrical and heating, new drywall and flooring

Valley Programs Inc.
79 East St.
$27,500 — Roofing


Paul Benjamin
2 Bay Road
N/A — Replace five windows

BH Real Estate LLC
14 South Maple St.
N/A — HVAC-related sheet-metal work for new Ideal Storage

Pioneer Valley Chinese Immersion Charter School
317 Russell St.
N/A — Install rock-climbing wall in gym

Russell Street Hospitality LLC
340 Russell St.
N/A — Verizon Wireless to install cellular equipment

W/S Hadley Properties II LLC
337 Russell St.
N/A — Roofing at Mountain Farms Mall

W/S Hadley Properties II LLC
351 Russell St., Suite 60
N/A — Roofing at Barnes & Noble


Sandra Siegel, Todd Siegel
880 East St.
$1,000 — Replace four double windows


549 Dalton St.
$15,000 — Roofing

Clock Tower Partners
75 South Church St.
$58,000 — Build out five tenant spaces on third floor

Eric Damasca
346 Wahcohah St.
$2,000 — Siding

Martin Group Real Estate LLC
101 Wahconah St.
$3,125 — Re-pipe wet chemical fire-suppression system to cover changed appliances


One Forty Lburg LLC
45 Downing Parkway
$7,560 — Install roof-mounted solar array

Ronald Ouimet
501 Wahconah St.
$8,600 — Roofing

Passardi Family Holding LLC
160 North St.
$8,740 — Relocate existing pendent heads on second flood based on new floor plan for SaVida Health

Plastics Realty Corp.
1 Plastics Ave.
$336,950 — Roofing

South Street Plaza LLC
163 South St.
$9,900 — Modify existing fire sprinkler system to accommodate new ceilings and partitions

Threshold 21E LLC
144 North St.
$14,000 — Sheetrock ceiling, tape, and prepare for paint

Two Thirty Nine West Street LLC
239 West St.
$25,000 — Roofing


1441 Main Street LLC
1441 Main St.
$210,000 — Install eight new windows on second floor

Baystate Medical Center Inc.
50 Wason Ave.
$74,500 — Alter interior for waiting room fire separation on second floor

Kim Gumlaw, Roy Gumlaw
512 St. James Ave.
$14,900 — Roofing

Toney Hawley
31 Lawnwood St.
$33,000 — Install six solar panels to roof of detached garage

Nalani Capital LLC
494 Belmont Ave.
$325,000 — Alter interior for new office spaces on ground level for Better Life Home Care, install new windows

Park Ave Holdings LLC
795 Worcester St.
$20,000 — Alterior/interior tenant office space for Orchard Commo ns

Pioneer Check Cashing Inc.
745 Carew St.
$87,012.33 — Repair exterior wall at Liberty Package Store damaged by car impact

Springfield Library and Museums Assoc.
63 Chestnut St.
$50,000 — Install 31 replacement windows