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Darcy Young Promoted to Director of Digital Public Relations at GCAi

SPRINGFIELD — In recognition of her six years of success and awarding-winning accomplishments as a video producer, Garvey Communication Associates Inc. (GCAi) announced Darcy Young’s promotion to director of Digital Public Relations.

“Darcy has been working hard to develop our brand-journalism approach since she walked through the door,” said John Garvey, president of GCAi. “It has not been easy. Today, however, she is a respected leader in the field who has interviewed and produced digital PR campaigns for many of the market’s leading CEOs and businesses. She is also one of a few experienced female producers in Massachusetts.”

According to Garvey, GCAi’s brand-journalism process is built upon the company’s digital-marketing expertise and recognizes the increased responsibility of public-relations professionals to produce relevant content for both media and consumers. To that end, both media and digital audiences have an insatiable appetite for short-form video, something in which Young is accomplished.

She will continue to supervise all digital PR content production as well as the technical teams that work on such efforts. Her work will be continued to be supported by GCAi’s production team, as well as a new digital PR analyst who will join the company in August.

“When I say it hasn’t been easy, what I mean is that it takes hundreds of hours of video-production experience, in the field doing interviews — because that’s where the stories are — and in the edit suite stitching together a short video to tell the story effectively,” Garvey said. “What most people don’t know is that, when the workday ends, Darcy goes home and often is involved with even more video production as a member of her local cable community-access channel.”

Young is a former assignment desk editor, field producer, and production assistant for both ABC and FOX local news affiliates. She is a cum laude graduate of Westfield State University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in communications with a concentration in journalism. She won an Ad Club award for her production of “The Innovation Series,” a video series that highlighted the success paths of Valley Venture Mentors startups and the entrepreneurs who founded them.