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Summerlin Floors Makes Annual Donation to Greenfield Community College

AMHERST — Summerlin Floors, woman-owned flooring business based in Amherst, made its annual donation of $2,500 to Greenfield Community College (GCC) in memory of Erin Summerlin, daughter of owner Ann Bronner, who hopes the gift makes a lasting impact and positive contribution toward the educational community.

Bronner, a GCC alumna, aims to support the future generation of scholars and give back to the GCC community.

“Greenfield Community College was a pivotal part of my life,” she said. “The professors, faculty, and administration at GCC created an inspiring and enriching experience for me, and now is my opportunity to give back. I love making this donation each and every year on behalf of my daughter, Erin, as I know she is extremely proud and her memory will continue to live on.”