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Positive Steps Maria Rodriguez-Furlow says she isn’t exactly sure why her name came up — although she has some theories — but she’s ultimately glad it did. Indeed, her participation […]

Screen Test This year marks the 15th consecutive year of growth in what’s known as online, or distance, learning at U.S. colleges and universities. But a newer trend is seeing […]

The New Faces of Medical School Like most first-year students, Kathryn Norman entered medical school in August not knowing exactly what to expect. But there were certainly some things she […]

Life’s Work For college students — or career changers — seeking a career path with plenty of opportunity close to home, biotechnology in Massachusetts is certainly enjoying an enviable wave. […]

Connecting to a Better Future It’s no secret that hospitals and other healthcare settings are pushing for nurses with higher education levels, but it can be difficult for a working […]

The Plot Thickens As she talked about libraries, and borrowed (that’s an industry term) from Mark Twain when she said their death was greatly exaggerated, Molly Fogarty used some words […]

Degrees of Growth American International College has again earned placement on the list of the fastest-growing colleges in the country. Overall, the institution has nearly doubled its enrollment over the […]

A New Chapter Laurie Flynn says it’s not often that one gets to make their passion their profession. And it was the opportunity to do just that which prompted her […]


If at First You Don’t Succeed …. By Kathleen Mellen Those managing the University Without Walls program at UMass Amherst are big believers in the phrase ‘giving credit where it’s […]

To a Higher Degree It’s been well-documented that Bay Path University President Carol Leary would prefer to interview every candidate for every position being filled at the 120-year-old institution. There’s […]


The ‘Arms Race’ When people hear the phrase ‘arms race in higher education’ — and they’re hearing it a lot these days — what usually comes to mind are dining […]

Determined Course Soon after Harry Dumay reached that point professionally where he determined he was ready and willing to pursue a college presidency, he did what many people in that […]


Bringing Classrooms to Life By Alta J. Stark Today’s college graduates understand it takes much more than book learning to compete in the job market; employers are looking for real-world […]

Down to a Science Center John McDonald hit the pause button ever so briefly in his conversation with BusinessWest and went to the window. He then scanned the parking lot […]


Dollars and Sense Attaining a college degree is a stern challenge. These days, paying for one is probably an even bigger challenge, for both students and their families. Area colleges […]