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Berkshire Money Management’s Nate Tomkiewicz Becomes CFP Professional

DALTON — Berkshire Money Management, a financial and retirement planning firm with offices in Dalton and Great Barrington, congratulates Nate Tomkiewicz on becoming a certified financial planner (CFP) professional. He is also a licensed financial advisor and chartered retirement planning counselor.

Tomkiewicz specializes in retirement planning and maximizing employee benefits for people who have worked hard for their money and want to pass it on to children or charity. He is skilled at identifying opportunities within 401(k), 403(b), and 457 plans. With this knowledge, he helps nurses, doctors, and other professionals in the Berkshires find opportunities they didn’t know they had.

With his new CFP certification, Tomkiewicz is looks forward to tackling a broader set of challenges for his clients, including helping them reduce their tax liabilities, secure their estate for the next generation, and plan a fulfilling retirement.

“Nate understands that retirement readiness goes beyond making the best investments,” said Allen Harris, CEO and chief investment officer at Berkshire Money Management. “Clients seek proactive advice, organization, and implementation, and I am proud of Nate for attaining this credential to help him do these things for our clients.”