Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the months of November and December 2022. (Filings are limited due to closures or reduced staffing hours at municipal offices due to COVID-19 restrictions).


Building Assoc. Inc.
41 Robbins Road
$50,000 — Machine demolition of former American Legion Post 275 structure

Stephen Constant
1400 Memorial Dr.
$5,500 — Fire-alarm installation

1936 Memorial Dr.
$37,500 — Replace/repair concrete island and drive pad under drive-thru canopy, install steel bollards to protect ITM machines, replace one free-standing ITM


Joel Greenbaum
240 River Dr.
N/A — Install power-limited fire warning system


Lathrop Community Inc.
680 Bridge St.
$6,000 — Replacement windows

South Lee Assoc. LLC
501 Pleasant St.
$125,777 — Install steel pallet racking

Sunwood Development Corp.
33 Chapel St.
$31,200 — Demolish and rebuild garage


City of Northampton
196 Cooke Ave.
$64,000 — Demolish Moose lodge

Steibel Properties Inc.
37 Indian Hill
$4,000 — Insulation/weatherization


Centro Bradley Berkshire Crossing LLC
555 Hubbard Ave., #41
$4,000 — Interior non-structural demolition

David Coco
28 Clinton Ave.
$7,446 — Fire alarm

Cynthia Smith Corbett
33 Churchill Crest
$7,000 — Replacement windows

JDLS Properties LLC
440 South St.
$4,998 — Insulate basement

370 Pecks Road
$2,500 — Roof repairs

118 Lincoln St.
$4,100 — Replace vinyl siding damaged by fire

Winadu Real Estate Co. LLC
710 Churchill St., Building 1
$25,000 — Install foundation


East Springfield Industrial Buildings Co.
225 Carando Dr.
$44,000 — Install eye-wash station, cabinets with two sinks, and fume hood in science lab room at Veritas Charter School

Michael Vinick
311 Page Blvd.
$1,000,000 — Alter interior space for Botanica Farms cannabis dispensary

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