Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the months of November and December 2022. (Filings are limited due to closures or reduced staffing hours at municipal offices due to COVID-19 restrictions).


Hannoush Jewelers
704 Memorial Dr.
$9,000 — Install commercial fire-alarm system

Patricia Midura
74 Ames Ave.
$16,800 — Roofing

PAH Properties LLC
38 Front St.
$30,000 — Roofing

Valley Opportunity Council
30 Center St.
$1,202,286 — Upgrade restaurant in Unit 32; interior renovation with new bathrooms in Units 26 and 28; third-floor renovation to apartment units and new laundry; new windows, plumbing, and heating


220 Russell Street LLC
220 Russell St.
N/A — Install sign

Barstow’s Longview Farm Inc.
172 Hockanum Road
N/A — Shed addition to connect to store

DLW Realty LLC
155 Russell St.
N/A — Fix exterior damage on carport

DLW Realty LLC
155 Russell St.
N/A — Repair awning damage from truck impact

FTF Realty LLP
299 Russell St.
N/A — Demolish ceiling tiles and insulation, install new lights

Hadley Corner LLC
344 Russell St.
N/A — Replace sign

McDonald’s Real Estate Co.
374 Russell St.
N/A — Saw cut, excavate, backfill, repour concrete, tile floor

Francine Ness
137 West St.
N/A — Roofing

Research Park LP
100 Venture Way
N/A — Open wall between two conference rooms, frame new wall


PVI Lenox Village LLC
21 Housatonic St.
$40,000 — Foundation for addition and four footings in existing structure


52 Maple Street Place LLC
52 Maple St.
$9,200 — Roofing

Community Care Resources Inc.
142 Glendale Road
$8,000 — Build ramp and deck

Lathrop Community Inc.
680 Bridge Road
$6,000 — Replacement windows

Smith College
Henshaw Avenue
$130,000 — Fire sprinkler system

Suher Properties LLC
50 Main St.
$65,100 — Interior partition at Florence Bank

Sunwood Development Corp.
33 Chapel St.
$31,200 — Demolish and rebuild garage


AER Inc.
52 Lincoln St.
$2,500 — Install handrail on both sides of exterior entry stair

William Bravo
160 Wahconah St.
$13,440 — Roofing


111 Chestnut St.
$60,000 — Alter interior of restaurant bar and kitchen

AJN Rentals LLC
6 Sorrento St.
$10,643 — Install fire-alarm system

Baystate Medical Center Inc.
759 Chestnut St.
$118,000 — Alter interior for new emergency room offices on first floor

Baystate Medical Center Inc.
3300 Main St.
$469,500 — Alter interior to expand pharmacy area

Joe Billafame
1078 Allen St.
$9,000 — Remodel bathroom

Jose Manus Botero
88 Appleton St.
$43,000 — Install solar panels to roof of detached garage

Ellen Boynton, Lewis Boynton
666 State St.
$59,000 — Alter interior for retail cannabis store, Primus Dispensary

City of Springfield
1840 Roosevelt Ave.
$120,200 — Install concrete foundation and slab for future walk-in cooler at Central High School

Manuel Colon
824 Worthington St.
$8,000 — Enclose rear porch

Jonathan Dos Santos
48 Enfield St.
$3,884.16 — Add insulation to basement ceiling

Karen Hoyt
21 Utica St.
$41,000 — Install solar panels to roof of detached garage

MGM Springfield Redevelopment LLC
12 MGM Way
$100,000 — Add three doors on second level of MGM Springfield casino

Maryneida Perez
27 Rutledge Ave.
$14,580 — Add insulation to attic and exterior walls

Pride Real Estate LLC
1211 East Columbus Ave.
$110,000 — Alter interior space for existing Dunkin’ Donuts area

Roca Pallin Youth Center Inc.
27 School St.
$10,080 — Alter existing basement storage into new office space, install smoke detectors and emergency exit signs

Springfield College
236 Wilbraham Ave.
$61,200 — Roofing at Weiser Hall

Western MA EEN LLC
487 East Columbus Ave.
$20,000 — Alter front and side fascia overhang of convenience store