Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of March 2023.


Fleet Bank of Massachusetts
638 Memorial Dr.
$48,987.29 — Exterior renovation: replace exterior ceiling tile at both entrances and drive-up overhangs, install two new bollards on sidewalk in front of entrance, powerwash entire building exterior, touch painting on curbs where needed, refresh current landscaping and add two new shrubs, remove existing decorative metal lattice trim from two sign locations, remove or reroute exposed conduit at various locations on sides of building

Main Street Property
340 McKinstry Ave., Unit 400
$73,335 — Add exterior loading-dock structure to existing loading-dock area

James McNeill
269 Chicopee St., Unit 16
$5,212 — Remove and replace four windows

Joaquin Rodriguez
1098 Chicopee St.
$5,000 — Install sheetrock in remodeled garage, install fire door


Michael Banas
63-65 Main St.
N/A — Attic insulation

Willison Northampton School
90 Park St.
N/A — Locker-room renovations


Floranine LLC
285 Russell St.
N/A — Install wet chemical fire-suppression system

Home Depot USA Inc.
358 Russell St.
N/A — Abate and replace rotting exterior framing members


723 School Street LLC
232 Main St.
$20,000 — Insulate attic and walls

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Inc.
190 Meadow St.
$1,500 — Add four walls to make three storage areas in sales-center basement


CR Resorts LLC
165 Kemble St.
$975,000 — Re-roof tennis courts at Canyon Ranch

Lenox Collection LLC
16 Church St.
$79,000 — Install sprinkler system on floors without fire protection


25 Williams LLC
25 Williams St.
$8,000 — Insulation and weatherization

1924 LLC
49 Round Hill Road
$80,000 — Selective interior demolition at Coolidge Hall to prepare for future remodel

Aster Associates LLC
80 Barrett St.
$21,000 — Build structure for basement egress

Blue Mountain Properties LLC
76 Maple St.
$15,000 — Add bathroom to yoga studio and ADA bathroom to coffee shop

City of Northampton
80 Locust St.
$99,671 — Repairs to storage building at Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School

ES 21 Center Street LLC
21 Center St.
$5,000 — Repairs to walls

Massachusetts Audubon Society LLC
36 Hampden St.
N/A — Install sprinkler system

Northampton Community Music Center Inc.
139 South St.
$248,227 — Window replacement and addition of vestibule

Pioneer Valley Ventures LLC
52 Maple St.
$40,000 — Install roof-mounted solar system

Trident Realty Corp.
15 Hawley St., Unit G
$21,500 — Replace drywall, repair stairs

W&N Summer LLC
55 South Park Terrace
$2,000 — Insulation and weatherization

Workroom Design Studio
14 Green St.
$19,800 — Fit-out for design studio showroom


Lee Bank
180 South St.
$6,500 — Install maintenance shed on existing dumpster pad

Thimot Marifant
251 Second St.
$17,049 — Roofing

One Twenty Onota Street LLC
53 West Union St.
$6,428 — Install fire-alarm system to monitor sprinkler system


125 Paridon Street LLC
125 Paridon St.
$35,000 — Remove and replace 12 AT&T antennas

Tina Chandler
1206 Boston Road
$75,500 — Interior renovation of dentist office, remove and replace 14 windows, repair chimney

Shiv Shiv Corp.
1356 Boston Road
$6,000 — Install new framing and joist hangers for exterior overhang ceiling on Howard Johnson detached building

Shiv Shiv Corp.
1356 Boston Road
$6,000 — Install new framing and joist hangers for exterior overhang ceiling on Howard Johnson main building

Tim Smith
1755 Boston Road
$126,392 — Roofing at Falcetti Music