DBA Certificates

Doing Business as Certificates

The following business certificates and/or trade names were issued or renewed during the months of March and April 2024.


Augusto Therapeutic Massage
401 Main St.
Debra Augusto

Dream Glimmers
85 Amity St., Apt. 201
Jennie Moss

Dungeon Delvers
30 Gatehouse Road, Unit 208
Aaron Damon-Rush

34 Kingman Road
Prashant Shenoy

Just Body Glow LLC
17 Kellogg Ave.
Cheyquetta Charvis

Kim Chin-Gibbons
63 North Prospect St.
Kim Chin-Gibbons

Mt. Pollux Music
1301 South East St.
Dan Kennedy

Roger Sonier DDS
196 North Pleasant St., #13
Roger Sonier

Strategic Investigations
339 Potwine Lane
Philip Kass

Three P Painting
79 Tracy Circle
Mohamed Ben-Slama


Amherst Self Storage
1270 Federal St.
Alejandro Levins

Cole’s Pest Control
2 Canal Dr.
Nicole Balboni

Go with the Flow
1035 Federal St.
Julie Leahey, Elizabeth Eggleston

MVM Contracting
156 Stebbins St.
Michael Martins

Nutrition Genesis
20 Sheffield Dr.
Gina Headrick

279 Old Enfield Road
Marie Ciosek

Pretty Pickings
41 Doe Hollow
Renate Robinson

Revive and Thrive
786 Franklin St.
Elizabeth Moody


Conscious Soma
37 Hannum Brook Dr.
Virginia Wilke

Cleaners MultiServices
11 Princeton Ave.
Rubio Perez, Sergio Raiza

LauraLee Sampere-Gagnon, LICSW
23 Federal St.
LauraLee Sampere-Gagnon

R&R Properties
13 Northampton St.
Stephen Robinson

Robinson Properties
13 Northampton St.
Stephen Robinson


3 Brothers Auto Sales & Repair
522 Maple St.
Maple Street Sales Corp.

AE Outfitters Retail Co.
50 Holyoke St.
AE Outfitters Retail Co.

Clean Queen Car Wash
185 South St.
Richard Sherwood, Nicole Stasz

David Alger Consulting
1 Deer Run
David Alger

Los Supreme Latin Cuisine
50 Holyoke St.
Marielys Rosado Torres

Monsoon Bistro
50 Holyoke St.
Jin Rong Zhang

50 Holyoke St.
Pandora Ventures LLC

Real Dry Waterproofing
137 Dupuis Road
Stephen Wall

Rewarding Tax Services
284 Maple St.
Lidia Rodriguez

Reyes Income Tax and Bookkeeping
2257 Northampton St.
Enrique Reyes


Berkshire Biscotti
11 Lombard St.
Berkshire Biscotti Inc.

Berkshire Concrete Repair
16 Hampshire St.
Michael Stewart Sr.

Berkshire Faceted Gemstones
494 Pomeroy Ave.
Daniel McMorris

Berkshire Fence Co.
1625 West Housatonic St.
Todd M. Driscoll Inc.

Berkshire Precision Paint Works
11 Myrtle St.
Berkshire Precision Paint Works LLC

BRC Transportation Service
120 Lyman St.
Bruno Rodrigues Camargos

Down the Garden Path
39 Windsor Ave.
William Morency

Email Overload Solutions
20 Lakecrest Dr.
Michael Einstein

Garden Blossoms Florist
97 First St.
Sean Colombari

Gino’s Pizza
1206 North St.
Filioglu LLC

Gustitos Boricuas
248 Dewey Ave.
Mariam Orengo

Hollywood Nails
351 North St.
Yen Thi Nguyen

795 Dalton Ave.
Sakura Hibachi Steakhouse Inc.

Peaslee’s Package & Variety
1 Wilson St.
Peaslee Inc.

Superior Sealcoat & Asphalt Service
19 Manchester Ave.
Superior Maintenance Group LLC


Big Wide Smiles LLC
32 Willimansett St.
Karen Anne Lundsford

Teachin Beag LLC
112 River Road
Teachin Beag

Trinity Home Support LLC
52 Hadley St.
Trinity Home Support LLC

Wadsworth Birther and Family Care
16 Central Ave.
Taylor Wadsworth


Be There Travel
51 Court St.
Miyuki Johnson

Crispy Crepes
46 Chapel St.
Crispy Crepes

Green Groves Lawn Maintenance
5 Hickory Ave.
Green Groves Lawn Maintenance

Kettlebread Franchising Corp.
105 Meadow St.
Edward Grimaldi

Results in Wellness, LLC
93B Springfield Road
Results in Wellness, LLC

RKS Management
8 Dubois St.
Michael Stanley

Running Shoe Productions
273 Papermill Road
Running Shoe Productions

Savaria Painting
240 Sackett Road
Mark Savaria

Spritz Traveling Glow
22 Kellogg St.
Cynthia Barton

Storied Adventures
440 Falley Dr.
TJC Travel LLC

S.V. Tiling
31 Sunset Dr.
Serhii Vorobei

Triple 3 Racing
379 Russellville Road
Richard Miller


AFC Urgent Care
18 Union St.
AFC Physicians of Massachusetts, P.C.

Asian Halal Market
20 River St.
Taqwa Inc.

Beauty Gate Salon & Spa
1646 Riverdale St.
Beauty Gate Salon & Spa

Custom Gutters
2385 Westfield St.
Custom Gutters

EpicVibe Production
117 Park Ave., Unit F3
EpicVibe Production

Guitar Center #556
935 Riverdale St.
Guitar Center Stores Inc.

Little George’s
2648 Westfield St.
Little George’s

Marties Floating Event Planning LLC
9 Willard Ave.
Marties Floating Event Planning LLC

Photography by Duval
439 Birnie Ave.
Madeline Duval Davidson

Pool Revolution
26 Fairview Ave.
Pool Revolution

Riverdale Inn
1500 Riverdale St.
Ram Sai LLC

Specialty Imported LLC
130 Allston Ave.
Specialty Imported LLC

Western Mass Hypnosis Center
201 Westfield St.
Western Mass Hypnosis Center