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EASTHAMPTON — The Chamber of Greater Easthampton announced that its new entrepreneurial initiative, WorkHub on Union, received a significant boost with a recent award: a $50,000 Collaborative Workspace Program Fit-Out Grant.

This is the second grant the chamber has received for this project from the Executive Office of Economic Development, MassDevelopment, and the Collaborative Workspace Grant Program. This latest grant is an addition to the $100,000 in state funding, bringing the total of local and state funds raised to date to $230,000.

“At the chamber, we believe that collaborative workspaces like WorkHub on Union are pivotal in driving our local economy forward,” the chamber stated. “This initiative not only aims to provide a vibrant space for entrepreneurs, remote workers, and small businesses, but also aligns perfectly with our core mission of stimulating economic growth in the Greater Easthampton area.

Daily News

EASTHAMPTON — Greenfield Savings Bank has contributed $5,000 to the Chamber of Greater Easthampton’s co-workspace project, WorkHub on Union. This partnership underscores the shared dedication of both organizations to empower local entrepreneurs and enhance the overall prosperity of the Greater Easthampton community.

WorkHub on Union seeks to establish a dynamic hub where local professionals, creative minds, and innovators can converge. This project is envisioned to foster collaboration, idea exchange, and networking among individuals representing diverse industries.

The donation from Greenfield Savings Bank reflects its commitment to nurturing initiatives that contribute to the holistic well-being of the community. This collaboration symbolizes the mutual resolve of Greenfield Savings Bank and the chamber to promote entrepreneurial spirit and offer resources that uplift local businesses and residents.

“As a local community financial institution, we are committed to supporting the communities that we serve and our local small businesses that make those communities thrive,” said Tara Brewster, vice president of Business Development and director of Philanthropy at Greenfield Savings Bank. “As an incubator to local businesses, WorkHub on Union will provide local entrepreneurs with a productive environment to succeed and collaborate, helping to grow and strengthen the local economy.”

Moe Belliveau, executive director of the Chamber of Greater Easthampton, added that “we are incredibly grateful for the generous contribution from Greenfield Savings Bank. WorkHub on Union is not just a co-workspace; it’s a platform for our community members to unite, collaborate, and pave the way for collective success.”

Daily News

EASTHAMPTON — The Chamber of Greater Easthampton announced a significant contribution of $50,000 from Sourcepass towards its ambitious co-workspace project, WorkHub on Union. The donation will support the development of a vibrant and collaborative co-working space, providing valuable resources for entrepreneurs and businesses in the Greater Easthampton region.

“We believe in the power of entrepreneurship and are thrilled to support the Chamber and the WorkHub on Union project,” said Dave Del Vecchio, vice president of Marketing & Communications for Sourcepass. “This partnership aligns with our mission to provide meaningful resources and opportunities for individuals to realize their business goals. We look forward to working closely with the chamber and contributing to the success of the local business community.”

WorkHub on Union aims to create an innovative and inspiring environment where entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small-business owners can thrive. Through this partnership with Sourcepass, the Chamber of Greater Easthampton will be able to enhance the support and services offered to local professionals, fostering growth and stimulating economic development in the community.

“We are immensely grateful for Sourcepass’s generous contribution toward our WorkHub on Union initiative,” said Moe Belliveau, executive director of the Chamber of Greater Easthampton. “This donation is an incredible first step towards the required funding that will enable us to provide professional workspace, as well as essential resources and entrepreneurial training, to individuals and small businesses, empowering them to succeed in today’s competitive market.”

Sourcepass, a leading technology company, is committed to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship and shares the chamber’s vision of supporting local businesses and driving economic growth in the Greater Easthampton area.

“By joining forces, the chamber and Sourcepass will work hand in hand to create an ecosystem that nurtures talent, fosters collaboration, and offers an array of valuable services to aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals alike,” Del Vecchio said.

In addition to offering a dynamic and flexible workspace, WorkHub on Union will provide access to mentorship programs, networking events, educational programming, and other support services designed to accelerate the growth of startups and small business. Through this collaboration, the Chamber of Greater Easthampton and Sourcepass aim to empower entrepreneurs, foster innovation, and establish the Greater Easthampton region as a hub for business excellence.