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BusinessWest 2023 Book of Lists

2023 Book of Lists

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BusinessWest Interactive Book of Lists

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From the Editor and Publisher

The choice of an image for the cover of BusinessWest’s annual Book of Lists, a Resource Guide for our region, is a big decision, one that typically speaks to the region’s past, present, and future, as well as its character, resilience, and promise.

These days, it seems impossible to say all that with one image, so we chose several; the key to the left on this page identifies all of them. They speak to permanence (the Seven Sisters range, the Connecticut River), to hard work (a pair of agricultural images), to courage and struggle (the Mount Greylock Veterans War Memorial Tower, the Sojourner Truth Memorial), and so much more.

It’s important, we think, to ponder this region’s rich history before delving into its robust present (and hopeful future) in the pages of this Book of Lists. It’s a living document of sorts, reflecting, with each annual edition, a raft of changes in the economic landscape as businesses open, grow, move, shift gears, change leadership, and, yes, sometimes shut their doors.

As we move further away from a pandemic that sorely tested the resilience noted up top, and even as the country and world still deal with uncertain economic tides, from high inflation to a housing crisis to a workforce crunch, we also see the vibrancy and promise of the sectors featured in these pages, from education to finance; construction to healthcare; tourism to technology. After all, we write the stories of these companies on our magazine’s pages, dozens of them every month.

Virtually every business has been impacted in some way by today’s challenges, but most have found ways to adapt, pivot, and continue to serve their customers, and will continue to serve them well. That’s the real message to be gleaned from the pages to follow.

Because, indeed, BusinessWest’s annual Book of Lists helps tell a story of its own — actually, thousands of stories. It provides important information on myriad businesses, nonprofits, and regional institutions. Together, these snapshots convey the size, strength, and diversity of this region’s business community and how, as a group, they contribute to the still-vibrant, always-changing economy of Western Mass.

We urge you to make full use of the information this guide contains (it is also available as a flipbook at www.businesswest.com) to both grow your company and grasp the breadth and depth of the local business community.

Putting together this publication has been a year-long process, and we thank all those involved in making it reality. High praise goes to Art Director Mike Nasuti, Graphic Designer Ryan Leary, and our entire sales and marketing teams.

Special thanks to our sponsors and advertisers, whose support makes it possible to publish this great resource.

                    Joseph Bednar, Editor
                    John Gormally, Publisher
                    Kate Campiti, Associate Publisher