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Griffin Staffing Network Goes Extra Mile to Help Job Applicants Like many people working in the broad realm of staffing and human resources, Nicole Griffin identifies employees as every company’s […]

A chart of area employment agencies   Click here to download the PDF

A chart of area employment agencies Click here to download the PDF

Training & Workforce Options Takes Region-wide View Bob LePage spends a lot of time talking to employers from many different sectors, from healthcare to hospitality; financial services to manufacturing. And […]

Neutrality Agreements Under the Gun at Supreme Court By TIMOTHY MURPHY, Esq. and DAVID McBRIDE, Esq. Unions have increasingly turned to ‘corporate campaigns’ to pressure larger employers not to resist […]

Why An Addiction to Work Is Hurting Our Careers By Dr. TASHA EURICH Kmart’s recent decision to open its doors at 6 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day sent shockwaves throughout the […]

Website Offers Information on Healthcare Careers in Western Mass. When most students think about jobs in the healthcare industry, they imagine working in a hospital. But the reality is that […]

NEBA Marks 30 Years of Breaking Barriers to Getting Hired Fresh out of college in the 1980s, Jeannine Pavlak found her ideal job — helping others do the same. “I […]

Colleges Work to Help Students Open Doors to Opportunity ‘Marginal improvement.’ That’s the phrase one hears repeatedly from area college career-services professionals as they talk about the overall job market […]

Johnson & Hill Builds on Its Reputation for Effective Match Making Andrea Hill-Cataldo knows how difficult it can be to match a job seeker with the right company. And a […]

What Does the Medical-marijuana Law Mean for Bay State Employers? Last November, Massachusetts became the 18th state to adopt a medical-marijuana law after voters approved a ballot referendum. The law […]

A chart of employment agencies in Western Mass. Click here to download the PDF

Understanding the Nuances of Employer Liability Under Title VII You employ Jack and Jill. Jill files a lawsuit alleging that Jack was harassing her and you did nothing to stop […]

A chart of the region’s employment agencies   Click here to download the PDF

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Online Education Programs Are Undergoing Rapid Change John Wells teaches a course in Information Technology Strategy at the Isenberg School of Management at UMass Amherst. But his students don’t spend […]