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A chart of the region’s employment agencies   Click here to download the PDF

Labor-market Report Highlights the Region’s Skills Gap Bill Ward calls it a “mismatch.” There are other words being used to describe the region’s job market, none of them particularly enthusiastic. […]

Janice Mazzallo

PeoplesBank Earns Accolades for Its Employee Culture When PeoplesBank was recently named an Employer of Choice by the Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce, Doug Bowen was pleased, but he’s quick to […]

A chart of the region’s employment agencies Click here to download the PDF

Executive director Rexene Picard

One-stop Career Centers Rely on Partnerships to Fulfill Their Missions When one-stop career centers began opening across the state 16 years ago, David Gadaire said, the mantra connected to them […]

A chart of area employment agencies Click here to download PDF

Susan G. Fentin

Hikes in the Minimum Wage May Soon Become Reality Heads up, employers. The Massachusetts Legislature is still in session, and you never know what surprises they have in store for […]

What You Should Know About Worker Misclassification Since the downturn in the economy, businesses have been looking for ways to cut costs, and the largest cost for many is payroll. […]

Katherine Lamondia-Wrinkle

What a Résumé Can Say — or Not Say — About a Candidate Cynthia Landry says that, despite many advances in the process of recruiting, evaluating, and eventually hiring talent, […]

A chart of employment agencies in Western Masschusettts Click here to download PDF

Understanding Reasonable Accommodations and the Interactive Process Federal law pertaining to disability discrimination can be challenging to navigate for employers. For example, an employee, Jill, does not say to her […]

Patricia Canavan

Thing5, United Personnel Ramp Up Search for 500 Employees The announcement that Thing5 would relocate to downtown Springfield and hire 500 new employees this year was met with suitable excitement […]

Sally Schirner-Smith

Job Prospects Are Bright for the Class of 2012 There are a number of indications that the employment outlook for college seniors is fairly bright — from the strong turnout […]

Jeanie Forray

Program Readies Students for Arts, Entertainment Careers As he talked about his exploits with the bass guitar, or at least as far as organized performances are concerned, Jonathon Eells made […]

Stephen Keller and Deborah Koch.

That’s the Goal of an Initiative Involving the State’s Community Colleges Jeff Hayden says it all comes down to one word: transformation. That was his way of describing, in a […]