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Keeping Current When the Connecticut River Watershed Council was formed in 1952, its leaders brought attention to the river’s obvious problems, most notably the raw sewage floating in it. Sixty-five […]

Raising Their Sites The U.S. Envirommental Protection Agency (EPA) recently awarded 14 communities in Massachusetts — most of them in Western Mass. — grants totaling $4.92 million for brownfield site […]


Home Makers When it comes to custom homes, trends come and go, but buyers are always looking for the next big thing — or, to be more accurate, the next […]

Blueprint for Growth “More horsepower.” That’s the phrase summoned by Curtis Edgin when he was asked to identify the primary advantage gained through the union of two architecture firms, Caolo […]


Weighty Business Trees serve both practical and aesthetic functions, and people can become quite attached to them. But work to maintain, trim, and even remove trees should be left to […]

Barking Up the Right Tree James Wawrzyk is a successful entrepreneur twice over, after starting his second business specifically to meet a need in his first. That initial company was […]


Flush with New Ideas It’s one of the most important rooms in the house — resale-wise, and otherwise. And yet, many people live with something that’s been outdated for 20 […]

Scaling New Heights From the time his father first hung out a shingle — and then installed a whole lot more of them — Fran Beaulieu says the secret to […]

Floor Plans Harry Marcus started installing tile way back in 1955, so Karen Belezarian-Tesini considers herself lucky to have known him. “Harry would say, ‘why are you here? Why do […]

Come Together By Joanna Smiley It’s no understatement to say Laura Fitch has dedicated her life to the philosophy of cohousing — not only through her architecture career, but because […]

Living Spaces WASHINGTON, D.C. — Nearly three quarters of U.S. architects say the health impacts of buildings are influencing their design decisions. That finding parallels a strong market demand by […]


Driving Forces In May 2015, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation signed a $148 million contract with the Joint Venture of JF White-Schiavone to overhaul the 1-91 viaduct in Springfield. The […]

Building on the Past Chris Jacobs has construction in his blood. “I’ve been with the company since it opened in 1986,” said Jacobs, who succeeded his father, Cecil Jacobs, last […]

Building Expectations The construction sector has always been a good barometer when it comes to the economy and what may happen with it in the foreseeable future. And this historical […]


Beneath the Surface The firm known colloquially as OTO has been involved in most of the major building projects that have taken place across the region in the past few […]