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Centuries in the Making As Springfield Technical Community College commences a year-long 50th-anniversary celebration, a landmark historic restoration project is taking shape — with the accent on ‘landmark.’ So-called Building […]

Raising the Bar The motto for the Keith G. Roy Construction Company is “When You Want It Done RIGHT.” And those words are far more than a catchy phrase to […]

Sustaining Success From its inception in 1976, the Center for EcoTechnology has always responded to the needs of businesses when it comes to being more energy-efficient and reducing waste. But […]

Finishing Work As he talked about the massive, $88.5 million Union Station redevelopment project, Richard Fairbanks made early and frequent references to its many stages, the critical sequencing of its […]

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Varied Landscape The building industry has travelled a tough road in its efforts to recover from the Great Recession, with mostly modest improvements in business volume amid ever-mounting competition for […]

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Blueprinting a Growth Pattern Tessier Associates has been in business since Warren Harding was in the White House and Prohibition was the law of the land. No architecture firm can […]

Rising Tide A boat is, for most buyers, a true luxury item, and price tags can get high. Yet, boat sales have remained steady over the decades, and even the […]

Healthy Meetings By Jaclyn C. Stevenson There’s a new movement afoot in resorts across the country. Meditation techniques are offered alongside manicures. Lessons in stretching appropriate for the workplace precede […]

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Work in Progress With construction on the MGM Springfield casino underway, plenty of local businesses — 40 to 50 over the next six to nine months — will have worked […]

Fertile Environment Companies involved in U.S. construction plan on intensifying their involvement in green building over the next three years, according to the new World Green Building Trends Study from […]


Going Yard After several lean years during the recession, followed by the slow revival of the home-building and commercial-construction sectors, landscape designers are finally feeling like their industry is surging, […]

Deep-rooted Concepts Bill St. Clair likes to compare the plantings around a home to a frame chosen for an expensive piece of artwork. It takes time and care to select […]

Generation Next In its first 90-plus years, Tighe & Bond had emerged as a Western Mass. leader in civil engineering, carving out a strong reputation and myriad civil-engineering projects around […]

Painting Pictures with Light When some people think of outdoor lighting, they may think of floodlights and porchlights — but many more options are available in the emerging world of […]

Business Is Heating Up For American families on the go, Brian Campedelli says, home should be an oasis from workplace stress and the general bustle of life. “I think they’re […]