DBA Certificates

Doing Business as Certificates

The following business certificates and/or trade names were issued or renewed during the month of February 2023.


A&E Partnership
10 Meadow Pond Road
Olena Boryssenko, Anatoliy Boryssenko

Aaron Guimond Electrician
501 South Washington St.
Aaron Guimond

Beauty of Orchids LLC
1 Main St.
Charisma Som

Belmont Driving School
1 Main St., Suite E
Michael O’Rourke

Feathers & Fur Pet Care Services LLC
589 Federal St.
Peggy McLeod, Robert McLeod

The Gathering Station
7 Overlook Dr.
Nicole Senecal

Hampshire Myotherapy
145 Old Amherst Road
Robert Andersen

LLR 2000
281 Chauncey Walker St., #176E
Lisa Ducharme

Magic Catering
25 Cedar Glen Dr.
Gary Majka, Mary Majka


Allways Painting
17 Prospect St., #3
Jesse Ferriter

Bits & Bobs
243 Loudville Road
Eva Cappelli

Erin Binney Editorial
27 Zabek Dr.
Erin Binney

Hitchcock Strength and Fitness
124 Cottage St., Apt. A
Stefan Hitchcock

Mechanical Heating & Air Cooling Quality
9 Clinton St.
Sam Om

Soufully Nourishing
116 Pleasant St., Suite 320
Christabeth Ingold

Walgreens #17980
32 Union St.
Walgreen Eastern Co. Inc.

Wemelco Industries
19 Wemelco Way
Christos Christodoulou


27 Michael Dr.
Jeffrey Newman

New England Old World Antiquities
41 River Road
New England Old World Antiquities

Nicholls Home Improvement
38½ North Main St.
William Nicholls

The South Hadley Suite
15 College View Heights
Lynn Williams

Stop and Go
4 Bardwell St.
S&A Corp.



Bristol Street Engineering Design LLC
69 Bristol St.
Blake Croteau

Katie Howard
94 Elm St.
Katie Howard

Mi Ranchito Tex Mex Restaurant
69 Franklin St.
Mejias LLC

On Electrical Solutions
37 Sunrise Ter.
Alden Chisholm

Saeta Construction
5 DuBois St.
Jose Saeta

Salina’s Suspension Training
33 Winding Ridge Lane
Salina Sarat

Sigma Mattress
74 Franklin St.
Vladimir Vilkhovoy

127 Sackett Road
Jayden Leighty

Westfield Shell
259 North Elm St.
Sirdar Investment Group LLC

What Dreams May Come
29 Vine St.
Brian Grady