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Protecting Yourself from IT Threats By Charlie Christensen   As hackers, organized crime syndicates, and state-backed bad actors aggressively pursue ways to compromise the world’s data; business owners, leadership, and […]

The Best Defense Is a Good Offense By Sean Hogan In a recent study, Stanford University and a top cyber security organization found that more than 85% of all data […]

Mike Sheil

Making IT Happen By Mark Morris Mike Sheil says he enjoys his work because his business — information technology — is always changing. And he acknowledges that this is an […]

A New Framework     The Internet of Things (IoT) is completely enmeshed in our daily lives, a network of connected laptops, phones, cars, fitness trackers — even smart toasters […]

All Systems Go     One of the surprises of the pandemic’s early days was how quickly companies of all kinds were able to move their workers to remote, home-based […]

Brian Levine says the UMass Cybersecurity Institute

Threat Level: Constant   Make no mistake, we live in an increasingly interconnected world, and the technology that makes that possible is always under threat from those who would mine, […]

Vulnerable Population   When people think about cybersecurity threats, Stephanie Helm said, they often think only about the technical side — the ways in which electronic devices can be compromised […]

Strong Signals By Mark Morris When the pandemic arrived early last year and many companies adjusted to remote work for their staff, it was IT professionals who got everyone up […]

Life on the Cutting Edge An on-the-go society demands on-the-go technology, and today’s array of high-tech devices — available at all price points — offer users new ways to make […]

From left, Kathryn Taccone, Karen Webb, and Will Colón discuss a project.

Bringing a Message to Life Will Colón, Kathryn Taccone, and Karen Webb all took different paths to a career in animation, but when the opportunity arose to launch their own […]

Michael and Theresa Hluchyj

Impactful Gift Michael and Theresa Hluchyj are no strangers to giving back to their alma mater — and seeing their investments bear fruit. For example, the couple, who graduated from […]

Making Connections After a chaotic start, the pandemic has proven to be good for business in the IT world, where professionals were deluged with requests from clients to set up […]

What Works, What Doesn’t By Lisa Apolinski   Here’s a surprising statistic from Kinsta: LinkedIn has over 575 million users, and nearly half of those are active every month (meaning […]

A Critical Gap   Margaret Tantillo clearly remembers — honestly, who doesn’t? — the day Gov. Charlie Baker started shutting down the economy a year ago this month. As the […]

Kimberly Quiñonez says her professors

Learning on the Fly Springfield Technical Community College (STCC) had a long-term plan to ramp up online and digital learning. But then came the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced staff working at […]