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Web Design Is Only Part of the Game at Gravity Switch Gravity Switch may be known for websites, Christine Mark said, but clients are often surprised to discover where conversations […]

Understand the Pros and Cons of Technology Investments By GREG PELLERIN Bill Gates and the president of General Motors were having lunch. Gates boasted of the innovations his company had […]

New York Sound and Motion Invests in the Big Picture When Ed Brown interned for a neighbor’s lighting and gaffing business during one of his college summers home on Long […]

As Speech-recognition Technology Improves, More Applications Emerge Speech-recognition technology, which instantly translates human speech into a digital document or command, has been around in some form for about two decades. […]

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The Latest High-tech Devices Keep Users Connected It wasn’t too long ago that Americans used their cell phones essentially to, well, make phone calls, and maybe send text messages and […]

Jeremiah Beaudry Colors in a Successful Story of Entrepreneurship By MICHAEL REARDON By the time Jeremiah Beaudry was 10 years old, he was building computers. By the time he was […]

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Innovative Business Systems and TechCavalry Simplify Clients’ Access to Information Late one night at the University of Central Florida, young college student Dave DelVecchio was discussing the movie Ferris Bueller’s […]

A chart of area computer network/IT services Click here to download the PDF

VizConnect Takes Mobile Marketing to New Heights Ed Carroll says businesses, salespeople, or entrepreneurs who are not advertising on mobile devices are losing customers, and his claim is backed up by […]

Understand the Dangers of Insufficient Backup Procedures By SEAN HOGAN Today’s businesses are operating at a blistering pace, and IT infrastructure has become the backbone of small to mid-sized businesses […]

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How to Manage the Minefield of Electronically Stored Information “They say I’m old-fashioned, and live in the past, but sometimes I think progress progresses too fast!” — The Lorax, Dr. […]

Charlie Tzoumas

The Effect of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ on Today’s Businesses By CHARLIE TZOUMAS Gartner Inc. recently reported that ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) programs, which allow users to conduct their […]