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The Inaugural Women of Impact Awards

BusinessWest has consistently recognized the contributions of women within the business community and has now created the Women of Impact awards to honor women who have the authority and power to move the needle in their business; are respected for accomplishments within their industries; give back to the community; and are sought out as respected advisors and mentors within the field of influence.  Nominees can be high-level executives, entrepreneurs, leaders of a non-profit organization, business owners, volunteers, or mentors: any inspirational woman, at any level in her career, who is doing remarkable things.

Nominations are now closed for 2018, but you may submit a nomination for 2019 consideration.

The 2018 Women of Impact honorees  will be announced and profiled in the October 29 issue of BusinessWest and  will be honored at the Women of Impact Luncheon Awards on Thursday, December 6, 2018 at the Springfield Sheraton Monarch Place Hotel.

Click here to view nomination information, requirement, and to submit your online nomination form.

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Event Information
Date: Thursday, December 6, 2018
Time: 11 a.m.-1:45 p.m.
Location: Sheraton Springfield, One, Monarch Place, Springfield, MA 01144
Tickets on Sale: October 1, 2018; Price $65/person; $650/table of 10
For more information: Call (413) 781-8600 x100 or email at [email protected]

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Women of Impact

Women of Impact

Women of ImpactThe name was chosen very carefully.

Actually, it was the last word that demanded the most time and attention, for reasons that will become obvious.

BusinessWest decided recently, after much consideration, to launch a new recognition program (yes, we already have several) to honor a specific segment of the local population.


More specifically, women making an impact in and on this region. Hence, Women of Impact. BusinessWest is currently accepting nominations for this honor HERE, and those who score the highest in the eyes and minds of three judges will be honored at a luncheon in December (date and venue to be determined).

More on all of that in a few minutes.

Fast Facts

What: The inaugural Women of Impact Awards

When: Nominations are due Aug. 3. The awards luncheon will be in December, date and venue to be determined.

Why: To recognize women who are making an impact in this region.

For More Information: Go HERE.

But first, why a special recognition program for women? Why not call it ‘People of Impact’ and honor anyone who fits that description? We asked that question ourselves. Kate Campiti, BusinessWest’s associate publisher and sales manager, provides a synopsis of the answer.

“We decided to create a special program recognizing women because, after careful consideration, we decided that this region needed one and that BusinessWest was the right organization to do it,” she explained. “While women have certainly made great strides over the past several decades, and many women have made great achievements and broken through that proverbial glass ceiling, doing so remains a stern challenge for many.

“We want to recognize those who have broken through,” she went on. “But, more specifically, we want to honor those who are making full use of their time, talents, and considerable energy to impact this region and improve quality of life for those working and living in this region.”

Elaborating, Campiti said ‘Women of Impact’ was chosen as the name for the program because, while nominees can be from the world of business, they can also be from other realms, such as the nonprofit community, public service, law enforcement, education, social work, the mentorship community, a combination of all these — any inspirational women on any level.

Nominations for this honor, due on Aug. 3, should be written with one basic underlying mission: To explain why the individual in question is, indeed, a woman of impact. Nominations should explain, when applicable:

• How the nominee has made impactful accomplishments or contributions that have positively influenced business or the community;

• How the nominee demonstrates unwavering passion and commitment for an issue that has made a difference in the lives of others;

• How the nominee has influenced other women through her actions and contributions;

• How the nominee exemplifies qualities of spirit, service, compassion for others, or professionalism to achieve accomplishments, and how she may have overcome adversity in order to give back to the community;

• How the nominee has applied innovative thinking to push the boundaries and find new and better ways to do things; and

• How the nominee has consistently demonstrated exceptional and progressive leadership.

For more information, go HERE.

“BusinessWest has consistently recognized the contributions of women within the business community,” Campiti said. “The Women of Impact Awards honor women who move the needle in their companies, are respected for their industry accomplishments, serve as mentors to other women, and give back to the community.”