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Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of April 2019.


Jones Library Inc.
43 Amity St.
$9,677 — Door and hardware


City of Chicopee
90 Call St.
$75,500 — Install handicap-accessible bathroom in existing building in Nash Park

Houston Enterprises Inc.
1307 Memorial Dr.
$162,018 — Interior renovations to KFC dining room, including new wall finishes, decor package, front counter, and lighting

HY Management, LLC
362 Springfield St.
$20,000 — Roofing

McDonald’s Corp.
1460 Memorial Dr.
$300,000 — Interior renovations, including restroom upgrade, new dining-room finishes and furniture, new front counter with finishes, and installation of self-order kiosks

Pride Convenience Inc.
167 Chicopee St.
$5,000 — Interior remodeling; move existing wall and construct new walls to move self-serve beverage counters and add customer-service area

41 Sheridan St.
$32,000 — Build walls, sheetrock flooring, laminant, carpet


Trinity Lutheran Church
2 Clark St.
$7,590 — Install 18 replacement windows


James Renaud, Theresa Renaud
259 Federal St.
$13,683 — Install 42 solar panels

J.J. Smith Properties, LLC
30 Mohawk Trail
$4,000 — Roofing


Paul Benjamin
2 Bay Road
$1,800 — Remove and replace asphalt shingles

Ronald Bercume, Irene Bercume
185 Russell St.
$38,000 — Minor interior renovations to change from residential to office use


Rinaldi’s Realty, LLC
410 Longmeadow St.
$10,000 — Alter/demolish existing furniture, fixtures, interior partitions, and drop ceilings

Town of Longmeadow
1161 Williams St.
$21,250 — Furnish and install two new dugouts at field


Coolidge Northampton, LLC
243 King St., Suite 112
$10,300 — Add additional treatment area to existing space

Paul D’Amour
122 North King St.
$2,206 — Illuminated ground sign for Planet Fitness

Maiewski Properties, LLC
320 Elm St.
$11,515 — Install seven replacement windows

Stephen Rondeau
122 North King St.
$623,700 — Interior tenant fit-out for Planet Fitness

Valley Building Co. Inc.
98 Market St.
$8,800 — New stairs to replace metal fire-scape


City of Springfield
101 Dwight St.
$3,826,000 — Alterations for new monumental staircase and refurbish elevator and park grounds at Pynchon Park

Meredith Corp.
1300 Liberty St.
$65,000 — Replace ceiling and exterior windows, install partitions

New England Farm Workers Council Inc.
32 Hampden St.
$34,518.97 — Install new fire-alarm system

Stavros Center for Independent Living Inc.
227 Berkshire Ave.
$115,604 — Install solar panels to existing building

Joseph Wanyama
1579 State St.
$7,000 — Repair walls and ceiling, replace eight windows


Crown Castle
120 Interstate Dr.
$20,000 — AT&T to replace three antennas and add three antennas to existing configuration; replace three remote radio units and add three remote radio units

Entre Pearson, LLC
138 Memorial Dr.
$12,500 — Interior build-out of demised tenant space


Ken’s Realty, LLC
2821 Boston Road
$14,875 — Roofing

SBA Towers IX, LLC
720 Ridge Road
$40,000 — Swap out six antennas and install emergency backup generator

Wilbraham & Monson Academy
423-451 Main St.
$3,685,000 — Instruct new athenaeum building

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of April 2019.


Pauline Lannon, et al
1151 West St.
$29,571 — Remove storage room and walk-in cooler, install larger walk-in cooler, relocate sprinklers, miscellaneous electrical work


Robert Arcott
257 School St.
$5,200 — Insulate and sheetrock walls

Colvest/Center Street
235 Center St.
$59,700 — Interior remodel of CVS Pharmacy

Jahjan, LLC
65 Main St.
$2,000 — Install second-floor metal escape ladder


Aubuchon Realty Co. Inc.
168 Northampton St.
$2,000 — Install non-bearing wall in retail space, install store fixtures


McDonald’s Corp.
285 Federal St.
$428,000 — Upgrade restrooms, new dining decor, exterior site work including facade, roofing, lighting, side-by-side drive-thru, ADA site improvements

Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield
133 Main St.
$350,000 — Roofing on Holy Trinity Church


207 Russell St.
$12,000 — HVAC work for Vision Showcase

Research Park, LP
100 Venture Way
$15,000 — Reconfiguration of existing suite build-out at Venture Well; change three small conference rooms into one large conference room


GPT Longmeadow, LLC
720 Bliss Road
$16,000 — Add two ADA bathrooms for future tenant, Inglewood Development Corp.

Rinaldi’s Realty, LLC
410 Longmeadow St.
$102,156 — Install rooftop photovoltaic array


JJ Hawley, LLC
36 Hawley St.
$17,000 — Install 15 replacement windows, interior door, exterior stair railings, and tile shower

JW Inc.
71 King St.
$128,560 — New shed roof dormer, reconfigure interior partition walls, new bathroom

Taco Bell of America, LLC
203 King St.
$2,200 — Face change on ground sign

Thornes Marketplace, LLC
150 Main St.
$55,200 — Alter and replace windows on south- and east-facing exterior walls

Valley Home Improvement
340 Riverside Dr.
$3,000 — Add window in brick wall


Nellum Realty
1181 Park St.
$7,500 — Roofing


Blue Tarp Redevelopment, LLC
95 State St.
$26,000 — Remove and replace three roof-mounted cellular antennas at MGM Springfield

Colebrook Partners South, LLC
511 East Columbus Ave.
$2,000 — Modify existing fire-alarm system at Springfield CTC

Andrew Crystal
100 Hickory St.
$50,000 — Install fire-alarm system at Educare Springfield

Gerald D’Amour, Donald D’Amour, Charles D’Amour
2145 Roosevelt Ave.
$20,560,190 — Addition to Big Y distribution center for storage and business use

Charles D’Amour, Donald D’Amour
90 Memorial Dr.
$20,000 — Remove and replace three antennas, add three antennas to existing tower, replace three remote radio units, and add one hybrid cable

Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield
99 Wendover Road
$250,000 — Install roof-mounted solar panels at Pope Francis High School

Shriners Hospitals for Children
516 Carew St.
$23,942 — Alter reception and tech room for prosthetics and orthotics area

Springfield College
263 Alden St.
$10,000 — Remove and replace three roof-mounted cellular antennas on dormitory building


95 Post Office Park, LLP
95 Post Office Park
$20,000 — Interior build-out of demised tenant space

2030 Boston Road, LLC
2030 Boston Road
$3,000 — Construct demising partition and related openings


Ware Senior Living, LLC
73 South St.
$420,000 — Foundation work for proposed three-story senior-living community

W/S Ware Properties, LP
352 Palmer Road
$774,000 — Replace bunker islands, dairy cases, deli cases, grocery freezers, ice-cream freezer, refrigerant, and leak-detection system at Walmart Supercenter


Ashley Associates, LLC
95 Ashley Ave.
$22,300 — Add interior walls

Gareth Hannary
61 Upper Church St.
$1,200 — Change three exterior doors

Joshua Martel and Charles Allen
697 Union St.
$2,397.80 — HVAC and insulation

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of March 2019.


Amherst College
151 College St.
$20,000 — Remove and replace nine existing antennas with six new antennas and install nine new remote radio heads


Berkshire Retail-C, LLC
185 Exchange St.
$5,000 — Remove demising wall

City of Chicopee
104 Baskin Dr.
$25,000 — Construct fiber-optic shed

Daryl Dumala
31 Main St.
$5,000 — Demolish and remove brick structure and regrade area

Grace Slavic Pentecostal Church
5 Meadow St.
$2,000 — Add parapet to rear garage wall

OSJ of Chicopee, LLC
1445 Memorial Dr.
$344,000 — Roofing


Mountain View Investors
31 Union St.
$30,000 — Interior buildout for new restaurant


John Koehler
37 Silvio O. Conte Dr.
$6,000 — Replace rotted cedar clapboards with new siding

O’Reilly Auto Enterprises, LLC
461 Bernardston Road
$1,047,601 — Construct new pre-engineered metal building for O’Reilly Auto Parts


360 Russell, LLC
360 Russell St.
$8,000 — Alter ground sign and wall signs for Verizon Wireless

207 Russell St.
$142,000 — Interior buildout of demised tenant space for Hadley Meadows Dental

FDF Realty, LLP
299 Russell St.
$3,605 — Remove roof and wall to make rear exit safe at Rocky’s Ace Hardware


Glenmeadow Inc.
24 Tabor Crossing
$4,500 — Remove wall to accommodate mechanical removal and replace wall

The Longmeadow Mall, LP
827 Williams St.
$105,000 — Remodel existing interior commercial space at Ahearn Holtzman Inc.


Atwood Drive, LLC
15 Atwood Dr.
$2,300 — Non-illuminated wall sign for Hampshire Probate

City of Northampton
Bridge Street
$1,000 — Replace exterior door and frame at Bridge Street Cemetery

Taco Bell of America, LLC
203 King St.
$2,700 — Front wall sign at KFC restaurant

Thornes Marketplace, LLC
150 Main St., Suite 365
$13,700 — Renovate existing office


IDS Properties
18 East Palmer Park Dr.
$20,000 — Roofing, siding, windows, and garage doors

Dmitry Voloshinov
1415 Main St.
$96,379 — Create six exam rooms for physical therapy and a reception area, and remodel two bathrooms


Boston Road/Pasco Rt. 20 Retail, LLC
1324 Boston Road
$6,000 — Install fire suppression for hood system at KFC restaurant

Congregation Beth El
979 Dickinson St.
$10,000 — Interior demolition for future buildout of sanctuary

Drama Studio Inc.
41 Oakland St.
$74,621 — Install rooftop solar modules

William Julian Jr.
1019 St. James Ave.
$15,000 — Alter space for restroom reconfiguration and accessibility requirements and repair ceiling at Subway restaurant

1295 State St.
$608,000 — Alter interior office space on third floor


118 Main Street Ware, LLC
55 East St.
$7,000 — Install new window and repair exterior stairs behind building


73 State Street, LLC
30 Capital Dr.
$9,890 — Install two doorways

Crepes Tea House
261 Union St.
$15,000 — Roofing

JLL Real Estate, LLC
57 Wayside Ave/
$825,500 — Construct storage-unit facility comprised of four buildings

Dinesh Patel
69 Capital Dr.
$126,000 — Partition wall, rehabilitate window and door openings

Dinesh Patel
69 Capital Dr.
$15,000 — Convert Pace School to adult day care

Tyler Saremi
39-41 Bliss St.
$18,000 — Roofing

Verizon Wireless
380 Union St.
Swap three antennas and three remote radio heads


2387 Boston Road Wilbraham, LLC
2387 Boston Road
$289,177 — Roofing

Eagle Cove, LLC
2650 Boston Road
$6,000 — Hood exhaust blower/duct work

Wilbraham & Monson Academy
552 Mountain Road
$23,000 — Kitchen renovation and roofing

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of March 2019.


55 University Drive, LLC
55 University Dr.
$7,500 — Interior demolition, flooring only; acoustical ceilings, trim, sheetrock

Amherst Shopping Center Associates, LLC
181D University Dr.
$67,000 — Build-out for fast-casual Vietnamese sandwich eatery

Slobody Development Corp.
7 Pomeroy Lane
$4,560 — Expand All About Learning to join two spaces via a cased opening; add sink

Town of Amherst
51 Boltwood Walk
$7,390 — Roofing

Trolley Barn Development, LLC
68 Cowls Road
$4,941 — Install three awnings on front of building; install 16 fire-retardant sound panels


City of Chicopee
17 Springfield St.
$11,632,395 — City Hall exterior and auditorium rehab and accessibility upgrades

Edward Chapdelaine
356 Front St.
$10,000 — Repairs

Hyde Park Burgers, LLC
474B Memorial Dr.
$325,000 — Fit-up for Five Guys Burgers & Fries in newly constructed base building


J2K Realty, LLC
55 North Main St.
$10,000 — Construct office in basement


1776 Brewing Co., LLC
30 Fort Hill Road
$65,385 — Install roof-mounted solar array

Denmark Property Group, LLC
126-128 Northampton St.
$20,000 — Install new exhaust hood system


443 Shaker Road
$117,155 — Remove wall in new lab area

443 Shaker Road
$27,940 — Remove interior wall

742 Parker St.
$115,500 — Fire system, rehab, change of use

Iglesia Osdres Nuevos
30 Somers Road
$2,250 — Sign

Pho Delicious
14 Maple St.
$3,000 — Sign

Secure Energy
515 Shaker Road
$1,750 — Modify sprinkler system

Ventry Property
124 Shaker Road
$15,000 — Sheet metal


American House, LLC
258 Main St.
$78,155 — Reconfigure two existing bathrooms for accessibility

Syfeld Greenfield Associates
259 Mohawk Trail
$20,000 — Install fire-alarm system


200 Russell Realty Management, LLC
200 Russell St.
$8,500 — Split HVAC systems with ductwork at the Valley Dentist

207 Russell St., #15
$69,000 — Renovation in new building for Vision Showcase


The Longmeadow Mall, LP
811 Williams St.
$3,000 — New sign for Allstate

Town of Longmeadow
275 Blueberry Hill Road
$70,000 — Install concrete panels at Russell Field to construct wall ball for athletic use


Atwood Drive, LLC
22 Atwood Dr.
$20,000 — T-Mobile to install three antennas, three remote radio units, and hybrid fiber cable to existing antenna platform

City of Northampton
320 North Maple St.
Interior renovations to DPW maintenance building

Dipwell Co. Inc.
106 Industrial Dr.
$184,000 — Construct modular clean room within existing building

Hampshire Franklin & Hampden Agricultural Society
54 Fair St.
$15,000 — Install metal roof on farm museum building along with new ventilation

Wesley Malzone
238 Bridge St.
$7,500 — Demolition

Matt & Nick, LLC
199 Pine St.
$1,296,771 — Roof-mounted solar system

Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield
85 Beacon St.
$21,056 — Remodel existing single-user toilet room for accessibility at Church of the Annunciation

Smith College
54 Green St.
$5,000 — Exterior rot repair

Thornes Marketplace
150 Main St.
$45,000 — Remodel existing second-floor women’s restroom to meet building code and ADA compliance


Enisde Properties, LLC
1372 Main St.
$8,000 — Interior demolition

Penna Holdings, LLC
1497 North Main St.
$30,200 — Roofing

1520 North Main St.
Repairs after vehicle struck gas station


Apremont Properties, LLC
492 Bridge St.
$20,000 — Alter interior tenant space for retail liquor store

Baystate Medical Center Inc.
759 Chestnut St.
$184,179 — Alter office space

Blue Tarp Redevelopment, LLC
12 MGM Way
$485,000 — Alter existing shell space for a new plaza bar at MGM Springfield

Center Square Inc.
1441 Main St.
$50,000 — Alter tenant office space on 12th floor

Scott Humphries
155 Maple St.
$5,000 — Relocate existing counter bar

Dinesh Patel
1500 Main St.
$675,000 — Alter tenant space on street level for a day-care center; alter tenant space on second floor for YMCA fitness center; alter tenant space on second floor for YMCA business office space


2034-2040 Boston Road, LLP
2040 Boston Road
$18,000 — Interior buildout of Unit A

Blue Elephant
2000 Boston Road
$13,000 — New sign

Rice’s Fruit Farm
751-753 Main St.
$54,500 — Complete floor framing, interior framing, windows, bedroom, kitchen, and bath

Rice’s Fruit Farm
757 Main St.
$8,000 — New goat shed

Sullivan & Associates Inc.
113 Stony Hill Road
$1,450 — Three replacement windows

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of March 2019.


57 East Pleasant St., LLC
57 East Pleasant
$46,700 — Renovate existing meeting rooms

Central Amherst Realty Trust
51 East Pleasant St.
$6,000 — Remove wall, install sinks, move gas lines, resurface bar

Gillen Development Corp.
401 Main St.
$3,200 — Relocate two interior doors, install shower

The Green Tree Family, LP
85 North Whitney St.
$14,000 — Construct four offices within existing separation

Roula Kofides
363 Main St.
$2,000 — Replace damaged entry door

Mosaic Real Estate Amherst, LLC
169 Meadow St.
$125,000 — Renovate space for phase 2 of medical waiting and display room

One East Pleasant St.
1 East Pleasant St.
$145,00 — Restaurant buildout


4 Perkins, LLC
165 Front St.
$30,000 — Construct two Hollywood-type sets

Center Group, LLC
13 Center St.
$12,000 — Remove existing kitchen hood and install new hood and ductwork

Chicopee Boys Club Inc.
580 Meadow St.
$1,500 — Add non-bearing walls to create lobby space within existing larger lobby

Chicopee Tower Nominee Trust
481 Center St.
$25,000 — Install wireless communications equipment on existing tower and within existing equipment shelter


Angel Properties
3 Sugarloaf St.
$6,000 — Interior renovations


155 Northampton, Easthampton
155 Northampton St.
$1,283,250 — Interior renovations, renovate storefront enclosure

Eastworks, LLP
116 Pleasant St.
$10,000 — Oversee installation of new elevator equipment


American Tower Corp.
30 Benton Dr.
$25,000 — Cell site modification

99 Restaurant
390 Main St.
$12,000 — Repair automobile damage

LG Industries, LLC
194 Pleasant St.
$25,000 — Basement

Town of East Longmeadow
60 Center Square
$25,000 — Renovate bathroom and break room


Baystate Franklin Medical Center
164 High St.
$230,870 — Reconfigure interior of Emergency Department to install bathroom and shower for behavioral-health pod

One Arch Place Inc.
46 Wells St.
$10,000 — Construct interior walls, new bathroom

Town of Greenfield
298 Federal St.
$336,000 — Construct interior wall partitions, suspended ceiling


Parmar & Sons
24 Bay Road
Two directional signs and one wall sign at Homewood Suites

Sandri Development Inc.
457 Russell St.
$262,000 — Install new siding, windows, and doors; redo parking lot and sidewalks; and renovate interior to convert former gas station into retail facility

W/S Hadley Properties II, LLC
337 Russell St.
New wall sign and alter tenant panel in existing ground sign at Marshalls


GPT Longmeadow, LLC
674 Bliss Road
$135,000 — Exterior renovations to former Bertucci’s restaurant

GPT Longmeadow, LLC
674 Bliss Road
$125,000 — Interior upgrades to dining area, bar area, and bathrooms at former Bertucci’s restaurant

Longmeadow Historic Preservation
734 Longmeadow St.
$1,014,000 — Construct office spaces in former single-family home


Billmar Corp.
330 North King St.
$16,906 — Install new electric door at entrance

City of Northampton
123 Haydenville Road
$2,000 — Replace three antennas and add ancillary equipment to telecommunications tower at Smith School

City of Northampton
125 Locust St.
$11,368 — Re-roof storage building for Department of Public Works

City of Northampton
300 North Main St.
$143,000 — Removate two bathrooms at Pines Theater in Look Memorial Park

City of Northampton
6 Water St.
$5,688 — Re-roof building for Water Department

Five College Realtors
92 Main St.
$2,800 — Illuminated wall sign (side)

Five College Realtors
92 Main St.
$2,800 — Illuminated wall sign (front)

P + Q, LLC
110 Main St.
$1,000 — Non-illuminated wall sign for Coldwell Banker

Saga Communication of New England Inc.
15 Hampton Ave.
$12,500 — Install new drop ceiling in conference room, install refrigerator in break room

Konstantinos Sierros
99 Main St.
$8,000 — Remove staircase, construct walk-in keg cooler for JJ’s Tavern


JJC Materials, LLC
153 Breckenridge St.
$7,668,000 — Install ground-mount solar array

Yummy Asian
1033 Thorndike St.
$13,931.29 — Install new hibachi, including non-structural wall; hood, ductwork, and wet chemical fire suppression; and CO- and smoke-detection system


Blue Tarp Redevelopment, LLC
12 MGM Way
$2,000,000 — Alter existing gaming floor area at MGM Springfield for casino island bar

Colebrook Partners South, LLC
511 East Columbus Ave.
$993,000 — Alter tenant pharmacy space, Springfield CTC

Michele Hagan
1930 Wilbraham Road
$30,000 — Interior demolition for future buildout for New Valley Bank

SCP 2001 A-CSF-27, LLC
370 St. James Ave.
$124,700 — Interior renovations and lab upgrades at CVS

SCP 2001 A-CSF-27, LLC
970 St. James Ave.
$124,000 — Interior renovations and lab upgrades at CVS

Springfield MA Post Office Employees Credit Union
264 Brookdale Dr.
$224,360 — Alter interior space in basement and first floor for Pioneer Valley Credit Union


Town of West Springfield
255 Interstate Dr.
$20,000 — Replace three existing antennas


Town of Wilbraham
28 Springfield St.
$31,975 — Repair existing ramp at rear entrance

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of February 2019.


Mark Mushenko
760 Memorial Dr.
$18,000 — Exterior renovations for new barbershop, including roof, windows, dormers, siding, and gutters


Deerfield Academy
53 Old Main St.
$85,250 — Install fire sprinkler system

Dumont Co,
15 Merrigan Way
$39,900 — Install fire sprinkler system

Hopes & Weimer
54 Whately Road
$7,500 — Install fire wall

Charles Ramon
217 Greenfield Road
$2,880 — Add roof over ADA entry door


Commonwealth Academy Holdings, LLC
263 Maple St.
$20,000 — Install new fire alarm with monitoring equipment

Commonwealth Academy Holdings, LLC
3 Ames Hill Road
$21,000 — Install new fire alarm with monitoring equipment

Orionls, LLC
428 Belmont Ave.
$20,000 — Remove three equipment cabinets and install one RBS equipment cabinet, three antennas, three remote radio units, and three hybrid cables

John Salema
805 Main St.
$1,500 — Enlarge existing door opening to existing cooler

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the months of January and February 2019.


Chicopee Boys Club Inc.
580 Meadow St.
$1,500 — Add non-bearing walls to create lobby space within existing larger lobby

Dielectrics Realty Trust
300 Burnett Road
$15,000 — Construct steel framing for replacement HVAC system above existing roof system

JPNTT Real Estate, LLC
17 Asinof Ave.
$25,500 — Rewiring, sheetrock, change out kitchen cabinets


Autumn Properties, LLC
161-165 Northampton St.
$3,000 — Repair damaged siding


38 Center Square Trust
38 Center Square
$4,000 — Interior demolition, repair entry stairs

742 Parker St.
$25,000 — Foundation and deck repair, demolish pool

East Longmeadow Medical
96 Shaker Road
$18,065 — Remove partition wall

Shaker Bowl
168 Shaker Road
$37,500 — Replace kitchen hood


Arana Family Trust
115 Wildwood Ave.
$11,535.75 — Install handicap ramp on back of building

Town of Greenfield
1 Place Terrace
$13,000 — Install door holders for 21 fire doors, relays connected to fire-alarm system


Amherst Development Associates, LLC
400 Russell St.
$11,000 — Roofing at Holiday Inn

Parmar & Sons
340 Russell St.
$108,176 — Install ballasted, roof-mounted photovoltaic system

Town of Hadley
230 Middle St.
$4,000 — Roofing

W/S Hadley Properties II, LLC
337 Russell St.
$50,000 — Replace existing sliding doors in vestibule with new swing doors and extend vestibule inside store


300 State Street Realty Group, LLC
311 State St.
$49,500 — Minor alterations to existing floor plan

Albany Road Springfield Plaza, LLC
1355 Liberty St.
$10,000 — Install three antennas and remove radio units

Yvonne Cruz
132 Myrtle St.
$42,000 — Install 30 solar modules to roof

Marcom Realty, LLC
155 Brookdale Dr.
$8,774.28 — Install new alarm system

Multicultural Community Services of the Pioneer Valley Inc.
1000 Wilbraham Road
$49,830 — Install 39 replacement windows


Christopher DeSantis
84 Greenwich Plains Road
$80,000 — Construct metal garage for use as dog kennel

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co.
2-8 Ross Ave.
$8,000 — Repair and/or replace soffit and fascia around property

Muriel Gervais, Ernest Gervais
105 West St.
$10,000 — Signage, sheetrock, paint, and new floor coverings

Highland Ware Associates Limited
27 Boulder Dr.
$42,000 — Renovation of Unit 8A

Mary Lane Hospital Assoc.
85 South St.
$15,000 — Demolition of existing ICU

Sengen Properties, LLC
48-58 Park St.
$28,000 — Roofing


Town of Wilbraham
859 Stony Hill Road
$37,584 — Foundation and first-floor support system at Wilbraham Country Club

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of January 2019.


The Boltwood Group, LLC
30 Boltwood Walk
$32,707 — Roofing


Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield
7 Belcher St.
$20,000 — Remove three antennas and three remote radio units; install three antennas, three remote radio units, and one hybrid cable to wireless telecom facility

SCP 2002E-31, LLC
1616 Memorial Dr.
$109,000 — Interior remodel to pharmacy area at CVS; equipment, fixture, and finish upgrades; minor plumbing and electrical work; parking lot and sidewalk upgrades

U.S. Tsubaki Inc.
106 Lonczak Dr.
$228,925 — Construct metal tempering pit

Valley Opportunity Council
63 West St.
$177,000 — Renovate first-floor space

Wrecker, LLC
1676 Westover Road
$3,600 — Install complete building fire-alarm system with sprinkler flow and tampers


Autumn Properties, LLC
4 Liberty St.
$3,000 — Remove partition walls in office suite

CIL Realty of Mass. Inc.
100 Strong St.
$12,725 — Install privacy fence


Benton Professional Partners
265B Benton Dr.
$2,431,254 — New commercial building

LG Industries, LLC
194 Pleasant St.
$9,500 — Sheet metal

Orange Theory
434 North Main St.
$5,300 — Sprinkler system


Alliance Church
385 Chapman St.
$20,000 — Roofing


Amherst Development Assoc., LLC
329 Russell St.
$73,950 — Roofing at Econolodge

Parmar and Sons Inc.
41 Russell St.
$9,900 — Install hood and roof-mounted exhaust supply fan at Ecuador Store

Pyramid Mall of Hadley Newco, LLC
367 Russell St.
$62,000 — New walls, electrical, lights, and storefront for Lazer Blast

W/S Hadley Properties II, LLC
353 Russell St.
$221,700 — Frame and install rooftop units and exhaust fan, furnish and install ductwork and insulation, registers, diffusers, and air balancing


Big Y
122 North King St.
$108,700 — Frame and insulate drywall perimeter walls and box out columns

City of Northampton
Haydenville Road
$25,000 — Swap three antennas, add three remote radio units and one DC surge suppressor, add DC cables

Masonic Street Trust
32 Masonic St.
$300,000 — Repairs following fire

Meadowbrook Preservation Associates, LP
491 Bridge Road
$19,125 — Roofing

Northampton Arts Trust
33 Hawley St.
$6,670 — Non-illuminated wall sign


Palmer Housing Authority
13 Fletcher St.
$37,667 — Add new accessible path in front of community building, add new door and hardware


Baystate Medical Center Inc.
300 Carew St.
$294,054 — Alter interior space at Family Advocacy Center

C & C Springfield Realty, LLC
782 State St.
$426,000 — Alterations and accessibility upgrades to McDonald’s restaurant

Carmela Fraziero
1070 Main St.
$120,000 — Alter interior of Red Rose for restaurant expansion to include new kitchen area

Vibra Healthcare Real Estate Co. II, LLC
1400 State St.
$20,000 — Remove and replace three roof-mounted cellular antennas for T-Mobile


Baystate Health
85 South St.
$561,000 — Renovate women’s health suite

James Chrabaszcz, John Chrabaszcz
268 Belchertown Road
$20,000 — Replace six antennas with six new antennas and associated ancillary equipment and cables

CMJT Management, LLC
90 South St.
$12,000 — Turn storage room into coffee-break room, install sheetrock and flooring

Letendre, LLC
350 Belchertown Road
$5,734 — Construct new shed

TCF Enterprise, LLC
85-91 Main St.
$2,800 — Install opening in existing wall


Steve Rivers
771 Dewey St.
$34,200 — Kitchen renovation


Town of Wilbraham
678 Main St.
$187,000 — New handicap-accessible bathrooms, new kitchenette, interior renovations, construct handicap-accessible deck

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the months of December 2018 and January 2019.


A Nelson, LLC
20 Belchertown Road
$22,000 — Sheetrock, demolish interior walls, install new door, frame basement stairwell

D’Angelo Inc.
48 North Pleasant St.
$45,455 — Install two antennas, remote radio heads, and associated equipment

Frances Goodwin, Jerry Bryant
25 Columbia Dr.
$1,820 — Install snowguards below solar array

Bruce Patterson, Galina Patterson
324 Montague Road
$67,080 — Ground-mount solar array


American Tower
645 Shawinigan Dr.
$25,000 — Replace three panel antennas, install six remote radio units and associated equipment

O’Leary-Vincunas No Two, LLC
102 First Ave.
$17,850 — Renovate existing fire sprinkler system

Veden, LLC
55 Main St.
$50,500 — Commercial fit-up for National Ambulance


Zahoor Mian
60 King St.
$3,500 — Illuminated sign

Northwood Development, LLC
15 Atwood Dr.
$1,500 — Non-illuminated wall sign

415 Pleasant St.
$11,500 — Install ATM

Pride Convenience Inc.
375 King St.
$15,000 — Remodel interior space

Thornes Marketplace, LLC
150 Main St.
$15,000 — Swap three antennas, swap three remote radio units, add six coaxial cables, remove three AISG cables


Camp Ramah in New England
39 Bennett St.
$100,000 — Repairs to arts and crafts building due to tree damage


Ramos Argenis
784 Bay St.
$54,000 — Remodel existing space at auto-service garage, add restrooms, install show window

Blue Tarp Redevelopment Corp.
12 MGM Way
$400,000 — Install filter fabric and gravel fill under pavers at all roof decks

City of Springfield
36 Court St.
$2,500 — Alter office space on fourth floor of City Hall for internal auditor

Five Town Station, LLC
300 Cooley St.
$120,000 — Alter interior tenant space for ATI Physical Therapy

McDonald’s Corp.
386 Main St.
$416,000 — Alterations and accessibility upgrades

Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Inc.
1000 Hall of Fame Ave.
$2,135,000 — Alter space on Hall of Honor gallery on second-floor mezzanine

Shriners Hospitals for Children
516 Carew St.
$24,000 — Renovate existing space in Room 1202

Vibra Healthcare Real Estate Co. II, LLC
1414 State St.
$20,000 — Replace three antennas


Chandler Holdings, LLC
69-73 William Franks Dr.
$129,500 — Build new drywall partitions, relocate doors and frames, change lighting to LED lighting, hang new acoustical suspended ceilings, change two existing restrooms to handicap-accessible restrooms

Della Ripa Real Estate, LLC
51 Park Ave.
$36,500 — Roofing

Family Nepali & Indian Cuisine
977A Main St.
$10,000 — Install two handicap-accessible bathrooms, install checkout countertop, add double doors to kitchen area

Ievgenil Gusiev
311 Elm St.
$3,800 — Alter interior space for a wedding-dress designer with a fitting room and a handicap-accessible fitting room and bathroom, build a handicap-accessible ramp to enter building

Ronald Laprise
346 Main St.
$14,800 — Install roof-mounted solar array

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of December 2018.


Amherst Shopping Center Associates, LLC
165 University Dr.
$34,020 — Install ductless HVAC system in existing CVS stockroom

D’Angelo Inc.
48 North Pleasant St.
$65,300 — Tenant fit-out for food-service establishments

Granodonico Properties, LLC
25 North Pleasant St.
$37,000 — Remove ceiling and insulation, reinstall blue boards and plaster

Jewish Community of Amherst
742 Main St.
$120,000 — Straighten and re-roof steeple

Mathews Properties
37 South Pleasant St.
$5,000 — Demolish wall between two offices

One East Pleasant St.
1 East Pleasant St.
$5,000 — Limited demolition

Town of Amherst
4 Boltwood Ave.
$10,000 — Town room alteration

Udrive, LLC
40 University Dr.
$551,250 — Core/shell for future restaurant


Chicopee Marketplace Owners, LLC
591F Memorial Dr.
$42,900 — Fit-out existing space for nail salon

G6 Hospitality Property, LLC
36 Johnny Cake Hollow
$30,000 — Remove drywall, repair existing drywall, mold remediation

Dorothy Krawiec
2 Valier Ave.
$25,000 — Add three antennas and replace remote radio heads with new ancillary equipment and cables

Yee Family
705 Memorial Dr.
$110,000 — Complete demolition of former Hu Ke Lau restaurant


Keystone Enterprises
122 Pleasant St.
$352,800 — HVAC work for Insa Easthampton expansion

Keystone Enterprises
122 Pleasant St.
$62,000 — Extend elevator hoistway above roof line, reconstruct level deck landing and exterior elevator lobby

Seachange Endeavors, LLC
117 Pleasant St.
$224,000 — Construct two-story manufactured addition to side of building


443 Shaker Road
$275,000 — Roofing

LG Industries, LLC
194 Pleasant St.
$25,000 — Kitchen and bathroom

Stacy’s Cleaners
55 White St.
$1,200 — Rebuild interior stairs

Ventry Properties, LLC
124 Shaker Road
$165,500 — New commercial building


American Tower Corp.
180 Country Club Road
$13,500 — Install small backup generator for cell tower

Behavioral Health Network
298 Federal St.
$65,000 — Install fire-protection system

Joyce Drake
427 Davis St.
$6,000 — Cut out concrete wall for door, frame two walls to make office, finish and frame for bathroom

Joyce Drake
427 Davis St.
Attach sign to building for Kenney Automotive

First United Methodist Church
25 Church St.
$12,800 — Roofing

Syfeld Greenfield Associates
259 Mohawk Trail
$40,000 — Retrofit sprinkler heads to new ceiling height


The Longmeadow Mall, LP
827 Williams St.
$8,500 — Install ceiling to bring space up to code


34 North Maple St.
$125,000 — Construct cidery

Smith College
44 College Lane
$2,365,000 — Upgrade existing air-handling units and exhaust fan in Sabin-Reed Hall

Smith College
44 Green St.
$16,000 — New transom, built-in bookshelves, minor electric work


125 Paridon Street, LLC
125 Paridon St.
$25,000 — Install three panel antennas, remove three remote radio heads and install six, modify equipment, smokestack installation for AT&T

Springfield College
29 Sheffield St.
$225,000 — Alter space in facilities building for use as a dance classroom

YWCA of Western Massachusetts
1 Clough St.
$5,000 — Convert two existing office rooms into sleeping rooms


73 State St., LLC
59 Interstate Dr.
$32,560 — Replace carpet, ceiling, sink, cabinet, and front door; remove two walls; add additional electrical outlets

Jim Byrne
24 Parkside Ave.
$4,200 — Repair front entry foyer, install new security door, install new siding, install new roof

Dante Club
1198 Memorial Ave.
$38,975 — Roofing

Eastern States Exposition
1305 Memorial Ave.
$25,000 — Install wireless telecommunications equipment for AT&T

Turkmen Kenan
707 Main St.
$4,500 — Roofing

Red’s Towing
1528 Riverdale St.
$32,000 — Roofing

Town of West Springfield
1 Toccoa Lane
$7,500 — Install generator to existing wireless facility

Van Deene Medical Building Partnership
75 Van Deene Ave.
$80,000 — Expand office into adjacent vacant space, add handicap-accessible restroom


Equinox Partners, LLC
183 Main St.
$87,000 — Roofing on clubhouse, remove and rebuild entrance, new pine ceiling in clubhouse, install washable surface in kitchen

Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield
173 Main St.
$14,285 — Roofing

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